The healing power of animals

Posted by Yvonne on Jan 20, 2013 in Uncategorized |

Logan Red BandanaHere at Avalon one of our favorite staff members is Logan, our resident mascot, protector of the grounds and all around Captain Awesome.  Did we mention that he’s a four-legged companion of the coolest kind?

Our self-proclaimed therapy dog Logan – we give him unofficial designation because he is not a certified service dog (for a great organization that is doing incredible work in this area visit NEADS) but he is a favorite among our clients and has amazing people skills.

Logan is a 7-year old Toy Pomeranian with five years of experience in developing therapeutic techniques for relaxation and client smiles. Trained in client greetings and knowing when to give love, he has been described as both cute and intuitive.

Our sweet Logan knows how to shower you with love and is happy to give it.  He is our daily reminder that we’re not alone on Earth and that by creating mutually beneficial partnerships with animals we are all the more content and happy.

Logan is our lifeline to the animal kingdom. He also has the honor of being #1 in the staff rankings for most decorative bandanas and fastest time to deflate beach balls.

Come visit us and spend a little time on the grounds with Logan.



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